Amanda lear discography

Amanda Lear discography
Studio albums 16
Compilation albums 37
EPs 3
Singles 69
Video albums 1
Music videos  ?

Amanda Lear discography consists of sixteen full-length studio albums, thirty-seven compilation albums, three extended plays (EPs) and sixty-nine singles. Her output also includes one video album and numerous music videos.


Lear achieved her greatest international success between 1976 and 1983 when she was signed to West German label Ariola Records. The six Ariola albums were all released in Continental Europe as well as Scandinavia, Japan, South America and some parts of the former Eastern Bloc. Lear was in fact one of the very few Western artists in the 1970s to have her music officially released in the Soviet Union, on state-owned label Melodiya.

Amanda Lear's debut single was a cover of Elvis Presley's "Trouble", released in 1975 in France by a subsidiary of Polydor Records as well as by Creole Records on the British market. The single passed fairly unnoticed, however, it did gain some attention in West Germany. It was subsequently licensed and re-released by German Polydor in March 1976, with Lear promoting the single on German TV show Musikladen in May of that same year, which resulted in her being offered a seven year and six album recording contract by the Ariola Records label. The French language version of the song appeared on the first European editions of Lear's 1977 debut album I Am a Photograph which also contained her international breakthrough single "Blood and Honey".

Following her initial signing to Ariola, various other labels were used to distribute her records in other nations, for example Chrysalis Records in the United States, Les Disques Direction Records, Siamese Records and Inter Global Records/Epic Records in Canada, RCA Victor in Australasia and South America, Columbia Records/Nippon Columbia in Japan, Eurodisc and Arabella in France, Epic Records in Greece and Cyprus, RTB in Yugoslavia, and both Polydor, RCA Victor and Ariola in Italy. In other European countries like Sweden, albums and singles were first imported West German Ariola pressings. With Lear achieving mainstream success in Sweden in 1980 with album Diamonds for Breakfast, the Scandinavian Ariola distributor, CBS Records, did however start manufacturing its own pressings of both albums and singles to meet with public demand. They also issued singles like "When" in 1980 and "Nymphomania" in 1981, targeted for the Scandinavian market specifically, although these tracks were never A-side releases in West Germany or any other territory.

In 1982 Lear took legal action against Ariola-Eurodisc in order to be released from her recording contract on the grounds of artistic differences. The lawsuit was unsuccessful and she remained with the label as stipulated in the original deal until the end of 1983, resulting in single "Incredibilmente donna" and album Tam-Tam being recorded in Italy and double A-side single "Love Your Body"/"Darkness and Light" with Anthony Monn's sound engineer Peter Lüdermann. The relationship between Lear, Monn and her former record company was to stay strained all the way into the early 2000s.[1]

Since parting with Ariola-Eurodisc, as of the late eighties a daughter label of BMG-Ariola and eventually absorbed into what is now Sony Music Entertainment, Lear has been signed to the following labels:

  • WEA Italiana (1984), for single "Assassino". Now a part of Warner Music Group.
  • Five Records, Italy (1984–1986) for EP A L. Former Italian label, now defunct.
  • Merak Music, Italy (1985-1986) for singles "Women" and "No Credit Card". Former Italian label, now defunct.
  • Carrere Records/Carrere Disques, France (1986–1990) for albums Secret Passion and Tant qu'il y aura des hommes and singles "Les Femmes", "Follow Me" (1987 re-recording) and "Thank You". Carrere Records is now a part of the Warner Music Group. European publishing rights to album Secret Passion and worldwide rights to album Tant qu'il y aura des hommes with the exception of title "Métamorphose" held by Siebenpunkts Verlags GmbH, Germany.
  • Virgin Records, Italy (1988) for tracks "Tomorrow (Voulez-vous un rendez-vous)" and "Inch'Allah - ça va" with band CCCP Fedeli alla linea. Now a sublabel of EMI.
  • Ricordi International, Italy (1989) for album Uomini più uomini. European publishing rights to eight tracks from the album held by Siebenpunkts Verlags GmbH, Germany.
  • Disco 3, Italy (1990) for single "Do You Remember Me?". Former Italian label, now defunct.
  • Carré D'As (1992) for single "Fantasy".
  • ZYX Music, Germany (1993-1995) for single "Fantasy" and album Alter Ego.
  • Chène Music, France (1993) for album Cadavrexquis. Worldwide publishing rights to the album held by Siebenpunkts Verlags GmbH, Germany.
  • Giungla Records, Italy (1995) for single "Everytime You Touch Me". Worldwide publishing rights to the track held by Siebenpunkts Verlags GmbH, Germany.
  • Dig-It International, Italy (1998). Former Italian label, now defunct. Worldwide publishing rights to eleven tracks on album Back in Your Arms, remixes of 1998 re-recording of "Queen of Chinatown" and tracks "Mellow Yellow", "They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!" and "C'est si bon" held by Siebenpunkts Verlags GmbH, Germany.
  • EMI, France (2000) for Paris Pride re-recording of "Follow Me".
  • Caus-N'-ff-ct Records (2000) for cover version of Giorgio Moroder's "From Here to Eternity". Sublabel of Sony BMG. Publishing rights to the track held by Siebenpunkts Verlags GmbH, Germany.
  • Le Marais Prod., France (2001–2002) for album Heart.
  • Ice Records, Italy (2002) for track "Cocktail d'amore".
  • Virgin Records, Belgium (2002) for single "Beats of Love" with boy band Get Ready!. Sublabel of EMI Music Group.
  • Sony BMG, Italy (2004) for single "Martini Disease" with Jetlag.
  • Edina Music, France (2005) for compilation Forever Glam!.
  • Dance Street Music, France/Germany (2005-2007) for single "Paris by Night" and album With Love. Publishing rights held by Siebenpunkts Verlags GmbH, Germany.
  • Just Good Music For Your Ears, Italy (2009) for the Brief Encounters album trilogy.
  • Edina Music, France (2009-2010) for EP Brand New Love Affair and single "I'm Coming Up".
  • Outsider Music, United States (2010) for single "I'm Coming Up".
  • Little Boom Records (2011-2012) for album I Don't Like Disco.

Studio albums

Year Title Peak chart positions Certifications
1977 I Am a Photograph 25 26 7
1978 Sweet Revenge 8 17 4 9 9
1979 Never Trust a Pretty Face 8 24 20
1980 Diamonds for Breakfast 11 43 10 4
1981 Incognito 19 28
1983 Tam-Tam
1987 Secret Passion
1989 Uomini più uomini
1990 Tant qu'il y aura des hommes
1993 Cadavrexquis
1995 Alter Ego
1998 Back in Your Arms
2001 Heart[11]
2006 With Love
2009 Brief Encounters
2012 I Don't Like Disco

Compilations albums

  • 1979: Golden Hits
  • 1982: Ieri, oggi
  • 1985: Poet Amanda Lear
  • 1989: Super 20
  • 1990: Follow Me
  • 1991: The Collection
  • 1993: Indovina chi sono
  • 1993: Télégramme
  • 1993: Je t'aime
  • 1994: Indovina chi sono
  • 1995: Hits and More
  • 1995: Indovina chi sono
  • 1997: Amanda Lear
  • 1998: Queen of Chinatown
  • 1998: The Collection
  • 1998: Golden Stars International
  • 1998: Amanda '98 – Follow Me Back in My Arms
  • 1999: Follow Me
  • 2000: Follow Me
  • 2000: Made of Blood & Honey
  • 2000: Francaise Chancone
  • 2001: I'm a Mistery – The Whole Story
  • 2002: Follow Me
  • 2002: 28 Golden Hits
  • 2002: DivinAmanda
  • 2002: Follow Me – The Greatest Hits
  • 2003: Essential
  • 2003: Living Legend
  • 2004: The Queen Is Amanda – Platinum Edition
  • 2004: Gwiazdy XX wieku – Największe przeboje
  • 2005: Paris by Night – Greatest Hits
  • 2005: Forever Glam!
  • 2005: Sings Evergreens
  • 2006: The Sphinx – Das Beste aus den Jahren 1976–1983
  • 2007: Greatest Hits
  • 2008: Disco Queen of the Wild 70's
  • 2010: My French Italian Songbook



Year Title Chart positions Album
1975 "La Bagarre" I Am a Photograph
1976 "Blood and Honey" 12 11
1977 "Tomorrow" 1
"Blue Tango"
"Queen of Chinatown" 11 2 2 5
1978 "Follow Me" 6 3 3 9 3 7 Sweet Revenge
"Run Baby Run"
"Enigma (Give a Bit of Mmh to Me)" 10 10 11
"Gold" 28
"The Sphinx" 18 19 Never Trust a Pretty Face
1979 "Fashion Pack" 27 24 26 50 13
"Lili Marleen" 12
"Fabulous (Lover, Love Me)" 25 8 Diamonds for Breakfast
1980 "Diamonds" 30 7 18
"Ho fatto l'amore con me"
"Solomon Gundie" 36 single only
1981 "Egal" 75 Incognito
"Love Amnesia"
"Hollywood Is Just a Dream"
"Red Tape"
"New York"
1982 "Fever" single only
"Incredibilmente donna" 39 Ieri, oggi
1983 "Love Your Body" 29 single only
"No Regrets" Tam-Tam
1984 "Assassino" single only
"Ritmo Salsa"
1985 "No Credit Card"
1986 "Les Femmes" Secret Passion
1987 "Wild Thing"
"Time's Up"
"Follow Me" (New Mix) single only
1988 "Tomorrow" (feat. CCCP Fedeli alla linea) 40
"Thank You"
1989 "Gold"/"Follow Me"
"Métamorphose" Tant qu'il y aura des hommes
1990 "L'École d'amour"
"Do You Remember Me?" single only
1992 "Fantasy" Cadavrexquis
1995 "Everytime You Touch Me" Alter Ego
1996 "Angel Love"
1998 "Follow Me"/"Tomorrow" Back in Your Arms
"Queen of Chinatown"
"Blood and Honey" (New Remix '98) Amanda '98 – Follow Me Back in My Arms
"I'll Miss You"
2000 "From Here to Eternity" (feat. Eric D. Clark) A Tribute to Giorgio Moroder
2001 "Love Boat" Heart
2002 "I Just Wanna Dance Again"
"Beats of Love" (feat. Get Ready!) 48 Tendance
2004 "Martini Disease" (feat. Jetlag) Paris by Night – Greatest Hits
2005 "Paris by Night" 41
"Copacabana" Forever Glam!
2006 "Queen of Chinatown 2006" (feat. DJenetix) single only
2009 "Someone Else's Eyes" (feat. Deadstar) Brief Encounters
"Brand New Love Affair (In the Mix)" Brand New Love Affair
2010 "I Am What I Am"
"I'm Coming Up"
2011 "Chinese Walk" I Don't Like Disco
"I Don't Like Disco"
"La Bete et la Belle"
2012 "Love at First Sight"

Video albums

Music videos

Year Title Director(s)
1978 "Tomorrow"
"Blood and Honey"
"Blue Tango"
"Follow Me"
"These Boots Are Made for Walkin'"
"The Stud"
"Queen of Chinatown"
"I Am a Photograph"
1980 "Diamonds"
1981 "Egal"
"Made in France"
1982 "Hollywood Is Just a Dream" Davide Rampello, Valerio Lazarov
"Fashion Pack"
"Incredibilmente donna"
"Ho fatto l'amore con me"
"New York"
"Blue Tango"
1983 "Follow Me"
"No Regrets" Gino Landi
1984 "Assassino" Mauro Bolognini[16]
"Ritmo Salsa" Giancarlo Nicotra, Romolo Siena
1985 "Hotel Palace"
"Stato d'allarme"
"New York"
"Berlin Lady"
"I Need a Man"
"No Credit Card"
1986 "Les Femmes"
1993 "Follow Me"
1995 "Peep!"
2002 "I Just Wanna Dance Again" Kris Gautier[17]
2006 "With Love" Denis Larrieste[18]
2009 "Someone Else's Eyes" Fabio Tibaldi
"Brand New Love Affair (In the Mix)"
2010 "Doin' Fine"
2011 "Chinese Walk"
2012 "La Bête et la Belle" Fred Gasimov[19]


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