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Banca Sella

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Title: Banca Sella  
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Banca Sella

Banca Sella S.p.A
Società per azioni
Industry Financial services
Founded 1886
Headquarters Biella, Italy
Products Retail and investment banking, insurance, investment management

Banca Sella S.p.A, branded as Banca Sella, is an Italian banking group, active in the banking, insurance and asset management businesses in Europe (Italy, Luxembourg, Romania, Switzerland and Ireland) and Asia (India).


The story of Gruppo Banca Sella has its roots in 1886, when Gaudenzio Sella, inspired by the principles of his uncle Quintino Sella, along with six other brothers and cousins ??founded in Biella the Gaudenzio Sella & C., the current Banca Sella, in order to "carry on trade as the banking discounts , advances, current accounts, buying and selling of securities, etc. ", as shown in the deed. The senior managers of the bank was newly appointed Gaudenzio Sella, who remained at the helm of the institute until his death.


The first branches outside of Biella date back to the late '30s ( Ponzone, Trivero, Cossato ). In 1949 the bank changed its name becoming a joint stock company and the brothers Ernesto and Giorgio Sella respectively assumed the position of president and CEO. In 1962 changed its name to Banca Sella SpA In 1974, the death of Ernesto, Giorgio Sella became President and Chief Executive Officer was entrusted to Maurizio Sella, son of Ernesto.

Under the leadership of Maurizio Sella, Banca Sella spread throughout the country up to more than 300 branches in the first decade of 2000 .

On the death of Giorgio Sella (in 2000 ) Maurizio Sella becomes President, while Pietro Sella (born in 1968 ) he became the CEO in 2002 (a position he will leave in April 2013 ). The current Managing Director and General Manager of the Bank is Claudio Musiari, while Pietro Sella is Managing Director and General Manager of Banca Sella Holding, a holding company of Gruppo Banca Sella .

In 1997 it takes place the launch of internet banking services and in 2000 the brand

Over the years the Bank has acquired small local institutions in the North East and South Italy, and have been established operating companies in various businesses such as leasing, consumer finance, asset management companies, non-life bancassurance. In 1992 came the Gruppo Banca Sella which incorporates all these companies .

Recent history

In 2005 it arises from the incorporation of Heritage Bank Gestnord Brokerage (SIM Group) in Sella Investment Bank (bank founded in Turin in 2001 and specializes in private banking customers).

As part of a restructuring of the Group, on 1 January 2006 the "old" Banca Sella SpA was transformed into a financial holding company of the Group and changed its name to Sella Holding Banca SpA, having conferred the banking business to a new company that it has taken so the name of Banca Sella SpA

In 2006 from the merger of Fiduciaria Sella SIMpA (dynamic trust founded in 1992, and specializes in individual asset management: asset management in funds and securities) in Gestnord Fondi SGR SpA (born in 1983, and specializes in the collective management of assets: mutual funds, pension funds and SICAV) born Sella Gestioni Sgr SpA thus incorporating into one company the group's activities in asset management for retail customers.

In October 2006, for the acquisition of eight branches that Banca Sella held in the region of Veneto, Banca Bovio Calderari assumes the new name of Banca Sella North East - Bovio Calderari.

On 1 June 2007 Sella Gestioni Sgr incorporates Sella Capital Management, SGR Group who was in charge of asset management for institutional clients.

November 12, 2007 by the incorporation of Sella Consult SIM pA, SIM Group Banca Sella, Banca SpA was founded Heritage Bank Heritage Sella & C.

In 2007 the Group, with HDI Assicurazioni, creates In Light, the new company dedicated to bancassurance.

As of 31 March 2008, the parent company changed its name to Banca Sella Holding SpA On 1 June 2008 following the merger of Banca di Palermo SpA and the branches of Campania and Molise Banca Sella SpA into Banca Arditi Galati SpA, and subsequent change of name of the latter in Banca Sella Sud Arditi Galati, founded the bank that includes the doors of the institute in Southern Piedmont.

In April 2009 born Sella Banking, the Group consortium Banca Sella.

On 30 May 2011 Banca Sella Sud Arditi Galati (the bank Banca Sella Group with branches in southern Italy) was aggregated in Banca Sella.

On 1 October 2012 Banca Sella North East Bovio Calderari (the bank Banca Sella Group with branches in the North East) was aggregated in Banca Sella.

Main group companies

The main companies in the Banca Sella Group are:

  • Banca Sella Holding (parent company of the Gruppo Banca Sella);
  • Banca Sella;
  • Heritage Bank Sella & C. (bank specializing in the management of private and institutional clients);
  • Sella Gestioni (asset management);
  • Biella Leasing (leasing);
  • Consel (consumer credit);
  • CBA Vita (life insurance, health and accident);
  • Easy Nolo (electronic payment systems, e-commerce);
  • InChiaro (life insurance);
  • Family Advisory SIM pa (family offices).

External links

  • Official websiteGruppo Banca Sella (in Italian)
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