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"Qamdo" redirects here. For other uses, see Chamdo.
昌都市 · ཆབ་མདོ་གྲོང་ཁྱེར།
Prefecture-level city
prefecture (orange) in Tibet (light-orange)
prefecture (orange) in Tibet (light-orange)
Country People's Republic of China
Region Tibet
Prefecture seat Karub District (Chengguan)
 • Total 110,154 km2 (42,531 sq mi)
 • Total 657,505
 • Density 6.0/km2 (15/sq mi)
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)
Chinese name
Chinese 昌都
Tibetan name
Tibetan ཆབ་མདོ་གྲོང

Chamdo, officially Qamdo, and known in Chinese as Changdu, is a prefecture-level city in the eastern part of the Tibet Autonomous Region, China. Its seat is the town of Chengguan in Karub District. Chamdo is Tibet's third largest city after Lhasa and Shigatse.[1]


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On 11 July 2014 Chamdo Prefecture was upgraded into a prefecture-level city.[2]



Qamdo Bamda Airport, opened in 1994, is located 126 kilometres from Chengguan Town in Karub District.


China National Highway 214 and China National Highway 317 are the main roads in and out of Chamdo.


The city is subdivided into 11 county-level divisions: 1 district and 10 counties

# Name Hanzi Hanyu Pinyin Tibetan Wylie Population (2010 Census) Area (km²) Density (/km²)
1 Karub District 卡若区 Kǎruò Qū མཁར་རོ་ཆུས། mkhar ro chus 116,500 10,794 10.79
2 Jomda County 江达县 Jiāngdá Xiàn འཇོ་མདའ་རྫོང་ 'jo mda' rdzong 76,026 13,164 5.77
3 Gonjo County 贡觉县 Gòngjué Xiàn གོ་འཇོ་རྫོང་ go 'jo rdzong 40,434 6,323 6.39
4 Riwoqê County 类乌齐县 Lèiwūqí Xiàn རི་བོ་ཆེ་རྫོང་ ri bo che rdzong 49,870 6,355 7.84
5 Dêngqên County 丁青县 Dīngqīng Xiàn སྟེང་ཆེན་རྫོང་ steng chen rdzong 69,888 12,408 5.63
6 Zhag'yab County 察雅县 Cháyǎ Xiàn བྲག་གཡབ་རྫོང་ brag g-yab rdzong 56,789 8,251 6.88
7 Baxoi County 八宿县 Bāsù Xiàn དཔའ་ཤོད་རྫོང་ dpa' shod rdzong 39,021 12,336 3.16
8 Zogang County 左贡县 Zuǒgòng Xiàn མཛོ་སྒང་རྫོང་ mdzo sgang rdzong 44,320 11,837 3.74
9 Markam County 芒康县 Mángkāng Xiàn སྨར་ཁམས་རྫོང་ smar khams rdzong 81,399 11,576 7.03
10 Lhorong County 洛隆县 Luòlóng Xiàn ལྷོ་རོང་རྫོང་ lho rong rdzong 47,491 8,048 5.90
11 Banbar County 边坝县 Biānbà Xiàn དཔལ་འབར་རྫོང་ dpal 'bar rdzong 35,767 8,774 4.07


  1. ^ Buckley and Straus 1986, p. 215.
  2. ^ Yang, Shoude. "西藏东部昌都地区将撤地设市 已获国务院批复". 新华网. Retrieved 5 November 2014. 

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