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List of United States Senators in the 28th Congress by seniority


List of United States Senators in the 28th Congress by seniority

This is a classification of United States Senators by seniority during the 28th Congress, from March 4, 1843 to March 3, 1845. Order of service is based on the commencement of the senator's first term. Behind this is former service as a senator (only giving the senator seniority within his or her new incoming class), service as Vice President, a House member, a Cabinet secretary, or a governor of a state. The final factor is the population of the senator's state.[1][2]

Senators who were sworn in in the middle of the two-year congressional term (up until the last senator who was not sworn in early after winning the November 1844 election) are listed at the end of the list with no number.

U.S. Senate Seniority List

U.S. Senate Seniority
Rank Name (Party-State) Seniority date Other factors
1 William R. King (D-AL)[3] December 14, 1819
2 Thomas Hart Benton (D-MO) August 10, 1821
3 Silas Wright, Jr. (D-NY)[4] January 4, 1833
4 Nathaniel P. Tallmadge (W-NY)[5] March 4, 1833
5 Lewis F. Linn (D-MO)[6] October 25, 1833
6 James Buchanan (D-PA) December 6, 1834
7 Robert J. Walker (D-MS) March 4, 1835
8 William Cabell Rives (W-VA) March 4, 1836
9 Richard H. Bayard (W-DE) June 17, 1836
10 Ambrose Hundley Sevier (D-AR) September 18, 1836 Former Delegate
11 William S. Fulton (D-AR)[7]
12 Thomas Clayton (W-DE) January 9, 1837
13 William Allen (D-OH) March 4, 1837
14 William Duhurst Merrick (W-MD) January 4, 1838
15 Albert Smith White (W-IN) March 4, 1839 Former Representative
16 Benjamin Tappan (D-OH) Ohio 5th in Population (1830)
17 Samuel S. Phelps (W-VT) Vermont 17th in Population (1830)
18 John Henderson (W-VT) Mississippi 22nd in Population (1830)
19 Daniel Sturgeon (D-PA) January 14, 1840
20 Augustus Seymour Porter (W-MI) January 20, 1840
21 Jabez W. Huntington (W-CT) May 4, 1840
22 Willie Person Mangum (W-NC) November 25, 1840
23 Isaac C. Bates (W-MA) January 13, 1841
24 Rufus Choate (W-MA) February 23, 1841
25 Levi Woodbury (D-NH) March 4, 1841 Former Senator (5 years)
26 John M. Berrien (W-GA) Former Senator (4 years)
27 William S. Archer (W-VA) Former Representative (15 years)
28 George Evans (W-ME) Former Representative (11 years)
29 William Woodbridge (W-MI) Former Delegate (1 year)
30 James Turner Morehead (W-KY) Former Governor
31 Jacob W. Miller (W-NJ) New Jersey 14th in Population (1830)
32 Alexander Barrow (W-LA) Louisiana 19th in Population (1830)
33 Samuel McRoberts (D-IL)[8] Illinois 20th in Population (1830)
34 James F. Simmons (W-RI) Rhode Island 23rd in Population (1830)
35 Arthur P. Bagby (D-AL) November 24, 1841
36 William Sprague (W-RI)[9] February 18, 1842
37 John J. Crittenden (W-KY) March 31, 1842
38 William L. Dayton (W-NJ) July 2, 1842
39 George McDuffie (D-SC) December 23, 1842
40 John Milton Niles (D-CT) March 4, 1843 Former Senator
41 James Pearce (W-MD) Former Representative (6 years); Maryland 15th in Population (1840)
42 Charles G. Atherton (D-NH) Former Representative (6 years); New Hampshire 22nd in Population (1840)
43 Edward A. Hannegan (D-IN) Former Representative (4 years)
44 Walter T. Colquitt (D-GA) Former Representative (1 year)
45 William Henry Haywood, Jr. (D-NC) North Carolina 7th in Population (1840)
46 Daniel Elliott Huger (D-SC) South Carolina 11th in Population (1840)
47 Sidney Breese (D-IL) Illinois 14th in Population (1840)
48 William Upham (W-VT) Vermont 21st in Population (1840)
David Rice Atchison (D-MO) October 14, 1843
49 Ephraim H. Foster (W-TN) October 17, 1843 Former Senator
50 Spencer Jarnagin (W-TN)
51 John Fairfield (D-ME) December 4, 1843 Maine 13th in Population (1840)
James Semple (D-IL) Illinois 14th in Population (1840)
John Brown Francis (LO-RI) January 25, 1844
52 Henry Johnson (W-LA) February 12, 1844
Dixon Hall Lewis (D-AL) April 22, 1844
Chester Ashley (D-AR) November 8, 1844
Henry A. Foster (D-NY)[10] November 30, 1844 Former Representative
Daniel S. Dickinson (D-NY)

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