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List of United States Senators in the 58th Congress by seniority


List of United States Senators in the 58th Congress by seniority

This is a classification of members of the United States Senate by seniority during the 58th Congress, from March 4, 1903 to March 4, 1905.

Order of service is based on the commencement of the senator's first term. Behind this is former service as a senator (only giving the Senator seniority within his or her new incoming class), service as Vice President, a House member, a Cabinet secretary, or a governor of a state. The final factor is the population of the senator's state.[1][2][3]

Senators who were sworn in in the middle of the Congress (up until the last senator who was not sworn in early after winning the November 1904 election) are listed at the end of the list with no number.

U.S. Senate Seniority List

U.S. Senate Seniority
Rank Name Seniority Date Other Factors
1 William B. Allison (R-IA) March 4, 1873
2 Francis Cockrell (D-MO) March 4, 1875
3 George F. Hoar (R-MA) March 4, 1877 Former Rep.
4 John Tyler Morgan (D-AL)
5 Orville H. Platt (R-CT) March 4, 1879
6 Eugene Hale (R-ME) March 4, 1881 Former Rep. (10 years)
7 Joseph Hawley (R-CT) Former Rep. (5 years)
8 William P. Frye (R-ME) March 18, 1881
9 Nelson Aldrich (R-RI) October 5, 1881
10 Shelby Moore Cullom (R-IL) March 4, 1883
11 Henry M. Teller (D-CO) March 4, 1885
12 James H. Berry (D-AR) March 20, 1885
13 William M. Stewart (R-NV) March 4, 1887 Previously a Senator
14 John W. Daniel (D-VA) Former Rep.
15 William B. Bate (D-TN) Former Governor
16 Jacob H. Gallinger (R-NH) March 4, 1891 Former Rep. (4 years)
17 Henry C. Hansbrough (R-ND) Former Rep. (2 years)
18 Redfield Proctor (R-VT) November 2, 1891
19 Henry Cabot Lodge (R-MA) March 4, 1893
20 George C. Perkins (R-CA) July 26, 1893
21 Julius C. Burrows (R-MI) January 23, 1895
22 Clarence D. Clark (R-WY) January 24, 1895
23 Francis E. Warren (R-WY) March 4, 1895 Previously a Senator
24 Stephen Elkins (R-WV) Former Delegate, Former Cabinet Member
25 Knute Nelson (R-MN) Former Governor, Minnesota 20th Population (1890)
26 Benjamin Tillman (D-SC) Former Governor, South Carolina 23rd Population (1890)
27 George P. Wetmore (R-RI) Former Governor, Rhode Island 36th Population (1890)
28 Augustus O. Bacon (D-GA) Georgia 12th Population (1890)
29 Thomas S. Martin (D-VA) Virginia 15th Population (1890)
30 John C. Spooner (R-WI) March 4, 1897 Previously a Senator (6 years)
31 Thomas C. Platt (R-NY) Previously a Senator (2 months)
32 Joseph Foraker (R-OH) Former Governor, Ohio 4th Population (1890)
33 Samuel McEnery (D-LA) Former Governor, Louisiana 25th Population (1890)
34 Boies Penrose (R-PA) Pennsylvania 2nd Population (1890)
35 Charles W. Fairbanks (R-IN) Indiana 8th Population (1890)
36 Alexander Clay (D-GA) Georgia 12th Population (1890)
37 Edmund Pettus (D-AL) Alabama 17th Population (1890)
38 Mark Hanna (R-OH) March 6, 1897
39 Stephen Mallory (D-FL) May 15, 1897
40 Hernando Money (D-MS) October 8, 1897
41 Louis McComas (R-MD) March 4, 1899 Former Rep. (8 years)
42 John Kean (R-NJ) Former Rep. (4 years)
43 Charles A. Culberson (D-TX) Former Governor
44 Chauncey Depew (R-NY) New York 1st Population (1890)
45 Albert J. Beveridge (R-IN) Indiana 8th Population (1890)
46 Joseph Quarles (R-WI) Wisconsin 14th Population (1890)
47 Nathan B. Scott (R-WV) West Virginia 28th Population (1890)
48 Addison Foster (R-WA) Washington 34th Population (1890)
49 Porter McCumber (R-ND) North Dakota 41st Population (1890)
50 James Taliaferro (D-FL) April 9, 1899
51 Thomas R. Bard (R-CA) February 7, 1900
52 Jonathan P. Dolliver (R-IA) August 22, 1900
53 William P. Dillingham (R-VT) October 18, 1900
54 Matthew Quay (R-PA) January 16, 1901
55 Moses Clapp (R-MN) January 23, 1901 Minnesota 20th Population (1890)
56 Thomas Kearns (R-UT) Utah 40th Population (1890)
57 John H. Mitchell (R-OR) March 4, 1901 Previously a Senator (18 years)
58 Joseph C. S. Blackburn (D-KY) Previously a Senator (12 years)
59 Fred Dubois (D-ID) Previously a Senator (6 years)
60 William A. Clark (D-MT) Previously a Senator (1 year, 2 months)
61 Anselm J. McLaurin (D-MS) Previously a Senator (1 year, 1 month)
62 Joseph W. Bailey (D-TX) Former Rep. (10 years)
63 Edward W. Carmack (D-TN) Former Rep. (4 years), Tennessee 13th Population (1890)
64 Robert J. Gamble (R-SD) Former Rep. (4 years), South Dakota 35th Population (1890)
65 Furnifold M. Simmons (D-NC) Former Rep. (2 years), North Carolina 16th Population (1890)
66 Thomas Patterson (D-CO) Former Rep. (2 years), Colorado 31st Population (1900)
67 Murphy J. Foster (D-LA) Former Governor
68 Joseph Burton (R-KS) Kansas 19th Population (1890)
69 Henry E. Burnham (R-NH) New Hampshire 33rd Population (1890)
70 Paris Gibson (D-MT) March 7, 1901
71 Charles Dietrich (R-NE) March 28, 1901 Former Governor
72 Joseph Millard (R-NE)
73 Alfred B. Kittredge (R-SD) July 1, 1901
74 John F. Dryden (R-NJ) January 29, 1902
75 Russell A. Alger (R-MI) September 27, 1902
76 Heisler Ball (R-DE) March 2, 1903 Former Rep.
77 Frank Allee (R-DE)
78 Arthur P. Gorman (D-MD) March 4, 1903 Previously a Senator
79 Albert J. Hopkins (R-IL) Former Rep. (18 years)
80 James B. McCreary (D-KY) Former Rep. (12 years)
81 Asbury Latimer (D-SC) Former Rep. (10 years), South Carolina 24th Population (1900)
82 Francis Newlands (D-NV) Former Rep. (10 years), Nevada 46th Population (1900)
83 Chester Long (R-KS) Former Rep. (6 years)
84 William J. Stone (D-MO) Former Governor, Missouri 5th Population (1900)
85 James P. Clarke (D-AR) Former Governor, Arkansas 25th Population (1900)
86 Lee S. Overman (D-NC) North Carolina 15th Population (1900)
87 Levi Ankeny (R-WA) Washington 34th Population (1900)
88 Charles W. Fulton (R-OR) Oregon 36th Population (1900)
89 Reed Smoot (R-UT) Utah 41st Population (1900)
90 Weldon B. Heyburn (R-ID) Idaho 44th Population (1900)
Charles Dick (R-OH) March 23, 1904
Philander C. Knox (R-PA) June 10, 1904
Winthrop M. Crane (R-MA) October 12, 1904

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