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List of United States Senators in the 9th Congress by seniority


List of United States Senators in the 9th Congress by seniority

This is a classification of United States Senators by seniority from March 4, 1805 to March 3, 1807.

he order of service is based on the commencement of the senator's first term, with senators entering service the same day ranked alphabetically.[1]

The two main parties in the 9th Congress were the Federalists (F), and Democratic Republicans (DR).

Rank Name (Party-State) Seniority date
1 Uriah Tracy (F-CT) October 13, 1796
2 James Hillhouse (F-MD) December 1796
3 Joseph Inslee Anderson (DR-TN) September 26, 1797
4 Abraham Baldwin (DR-GA) March 4, 1799
5 Samuel White (F-DE) February 28, 1801
6 John Breckinridge (DR-KY)[2] March 4, 1801
7 James Jackson (DR-GA)[3]
8 David Stone (DR-NC)[4]
9 George Logan (DR-PA) July 13, 1801
10 Stephen Row Bradley (DR-VT) October 15, 1801
11 Robert Wright (DR-MD)[5] November 19, 1801
12 Thomas Sumter (DR-SC) December 16, 1801
13 William Plumer (F-NH) June 17, 1802
14 John Quincy Adams (F-MA) March 4, 1803
15 Samuel Maclay (DR-PA)
16 Timothy Pickering (F-MA)
17 Israel Smith (DR-VT)
18 Samuel Smith (DR-MD)
19 John Smith (DR-OH) April 1, 1803
20 Thomas Worthington (DR-OH)
21 John Condit (DR-NJ) September 1, 1803
22 John Smith (DR-NY) February 23, 1804
23 William Branch Giles (DR-VA) August 11, 1804
24 Andrew Moore (DR-VA)
25 Benjamin Howland (DR-RI) October 29, 1804
26 James A. Bayard, Sr. (F-DE) November 9, 1804
27 Samuel Latham Mitchill (DR-NY) November 13, 1804
28 John Gaillard (DR-SC) December 6, 1804
29 James Fenner (DR-RI) March 4, 1805
30 Nicholas Gilman (DR-NH)
31 Aaron Kitchell (DR-NJ)
32 Daniel Smith (DR-TN)
33 Buckner Thruston (DR-KY)
34 James Turner (DR-NC)
35 John Adair (DR-KY)[6] November 8, 1805
36 John Milledge (DR-GA) June 19, 1806
37 Philip Reed (DR-KY) November 25, 1806
38 Henry Clay (DR-KY) December 29, 1806


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