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List of cities in Indonesia


List of cities in Indonesia

Map of Indonesia
Jakarta, capital and the largest city in Java Island also in Indonesia
Surabaya, the second largest city in Java Island and Indonesia
Bandung, the third largest city in Java Island and Indonesia
Medan, the largest city in Sumatra Island
Palembang, the second largest city in Sumatra Island
Batam, the third largest city in Sumatra Island
Makassar, the largest city in Sulawesi Island and also the largest in East Indonesia region
Manado, the second largest city in Sulawesi Island
Balikpapan, the second largest city and the most important city in Kalimantan Island
Jayapura, the largest city in Papua Island

This is a list of official cities in Indonesia, by major island or region. Where given in the list population numbers are based on statistical data of 2010.[1]


Island City Population
Bali Denpasar 834,881
Java Bandung 2,575,478
Java Batu 190,184
Java Bekasi 2,510,951
Java Blitar 132,018
Java Bogor 1,022,002
Java Cianjur 165,420
Java Cilegon 416,464
Java Cimahi 566,200
Java Cirebon 298,224
Java Depok 1,751,696
Java Jakarta 9,588,198
Java Madiun 170,964
Java Magelang 118,227
Java Malang 820,243
Java Mojokerto 120,196
Java Pasuruan 186,262
Java Pekalongan 281,434
Java Probolinggo 217,062
Java Salatiga 170,332
Java Semarang 1,555,984
Java South Tangerang 1,290,322
Java Sukabumi 298,681
Java Surabaya 2,765,487
Java Surakarta 499,337
Java Tasikmalaya 635,464
Java Tangerang 1,798,601
Java Tegal 239,599
Java Yogyakarta 388,627
Java Kediri 268,507
Java Serang 577,785
Java Purwokerto 233,841
Kalimantan Balikpapan 557,579
Kalimantan Banjarbaru 199,627
Kalimantan Banjarmasin 625,481
Kalimantan Bontang 143,683
Kalimantan Palangkaraya 220,962
Kalimantan Pontianak 501,843
Kalimantan Samarinda 727,500
Kalimantan Singkawang 186,462
Kalimantan Tarakan 193,370
Kalimantan Tenggarong 72,458
Maluku Ambon 331,254
Maluku Tual 58,082
Maluku Ternate 185,705
Maluku Tidore 90,055
Nusa Tenggara Bima 142,579
Nusa Tenggara Mataram 402,843
Nusa Tenggara Kupang 336,239
Nusa Tenggara Atambua 74, 903
Papua Jayapura 200,524
Papua Merauke 71,838
Papua Barat Kota Sorong 184,239
Papua Barat Manokwari 136,302
Sulawesi Bau-Bau 118,998
Sulawesi Bitung 173,837
Sulawesi Gorontalo 153,036
Sulawesi Kendari 236,269
Sulawesi Makassar 1,194,583
Sulawesi Manado 405,715
Sulawesi Palu 291,872
Sulawesi Pare-Pare 112,625
Sulawesi Palopo 129,273
Sulawesi Tomohon 80,649
Sumatra Banda Aceh 174,433
Sumatra Bandar Lampung 923,970
Sumatra Batam 1,153,860
Sumatra Bengkulu 257,763
Sumatra Blangkejeren
Sumatra Binjai 238,209
Sumatra Bireuen
Sumatra Bukittinggi 117,097
Sumatra Dumai 291,393
Sumatra Jambi 586,930
Sumatra Langsa 133,600
Sumatra Lhokseumawe 152,895
Sumatra Lubuklinggau 174,472
Sumatra Meulaboh
Sumatra Medan 2,029,797
Sumatra Metro 127,569
Sumatra Padang 954,880
Sumatra Padang Panjang 49,451
Sumatra Padang Sidempuan 178,148
Sumatra Pagar Alam 114,609
Sumatra Palembang 1,342,258
Sumatra Pangkal Pinang 145,945
Sumatra Pariaman 83,151
Sumatra Payakumbuh 122,896
Sumatra Pekanbaru 1,030,732
Sumatra Pematang Siantar 229,525
Sumatra Prabumulih 129,201
Sumatra Sigli
Sumatra Redelong (Simpang Tiga Redelong)
Sumatra Sabang 28,454
Sumatra Sawah Lunto 59,821
Sumatra Sibolga 90,489
Sumatra Singkil
Sumatra Solok 62,483
Sumatra Takengon
Sumatra Tapaktuan
Sumatra Tanjung Balai 152,272
Sumatra Tanjung Pinang 167,958
Sumatra Tebing Tinggi 134,548


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