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List of kings of Akkad

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Title: List of kings of Akkad  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Akkad, Akkadian Empire, Sargon of Akkad
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

List of kings of Akkad

This is a list of kings of Akkad, also rendered as Agade. Akkad was a major empire in ancient Mesopotamia in the 3rd millennium BCE. The area covered by the kingdom is now located in the region of present-day Iraq, eastern Turkey and northern Syria.

Reign Name Notes
Kings of Sumer and Akkad
2334 or 2371 to 2279 BCE or 2315 Sargon
Formerly King of Kish
2278 or 2315 to 2270 BCE or 2306 Rimush Murdered?
2269 or 2306 to 2255 BCE or 2291 Manishtushu Assassinated
2254 or 2291 to 2218 BCE or 2254 Naram-Sin Traditionally reigned for 75 years
2217 or 2254 to 2193 BCE or 2230 Shar-Kali-Sharri  
2192 or 2230 to 2189 BCE or 2226 Interregnum Anarchy following Guti invasion
c.2189 to c.2189 BCE Igigi Omitted from some lists
c.2189 to c.2189 BCE Nanum Omitted from some lists
c.2188 to c.2188 BCE Emi Omitted from some lists
c.2187 to c.2187 BCE Elulu Omitted from some lists
c.2186 to c.2168 BCE Dudu  
2168 to 2154 BCE Shu-turul
(Shadural; Shu-Durul)
Kings of Sumer and Akkad in Uruk
c.2120 BCE to c.2113 BCE Utu-hegal Deposed; omitted from some lists
Kings of Sumer and Akkad in Ur
c.2113 BCE to c.2096 BCE Ur-Nammu, King of Sumer and Akkad  
c.2095 BCE to c.2049 BCE Shulgi  
c.2048 BCE to c.2039 BCE Amar-Sin
c.2038 BCE to c.2030 BCE Shu-Sin  
c.2030 BCE to c.2022 BCE Ibbi-Sin Taken captive by Elamites c.2005; fate unknown
c.2022 BCE Amorite invasion ended the empire
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