List of schools in Romania

This article lists secondary schools in Romania.

Argeş County

  • Ion Brătianu High School

Bacău County

București County

  • George Coșbuc National College

Bihor County

Botosani County

  • A.T. Laurian National College

Braşov County

  • Greater Grace International Academy@[1]
  • Grigore Moisil High School, Braşov


Buzău County

Cluj County

  • Tiberiu Popoviciu Computer Science High School
  • "George Cosbuc" National College

Constanţa County

Dâmboviţa County

  • Ienăchiţă Văcărescu High School

Dolj County

Hunedoara County

  • Ion Mincu College, Deva
  • Decebal National College (Deva)
  • Cetate National Sport College, Deva
  • Transilvania Technical College, Deva
  • Dragomir Hurmuzescu Energetic College, Deva
  • Grigore Moisil School Group, Deva
  • Sabin Drăgoi Pedagogical Highschool, Deva
  • Traian Theoretical Highschool, Deva
  • Iancu de Hunedoara National College (Hunedoara)
  • Traian Lalescu National College, Hunedoara
  • Matei Corvin Technical College, Hunedoara
  • Emanoil Gojdu Economic College, Hunedoara
  • Telecomunications and Public Works School Group, Hunedoara
  • Mihai Eminescu Theoretical Highschool, Petroşani
  • Hermes Economic College, Petroşani
  • Dimitrie Leonida Technical College, Petroşani
  • Informatics Highschool, Petroşani

Iaşi County

  • Emil Racoviță National College
  • Mihai Eminescu National College
  • Costache Negruzzi National College
  • National College, Iasi
  • Vasile Alecsandri Theoretical Highschool
  • Octav Băncilă National College of Arts
  • Grigore Moisil Informatics Highschool
  • Dimitrie Cantemir Theoretical Highschool

Maramureş County

Neamţ County

  • Petru Rareş National College (Piatra Neamţ)

Satu Mare

  • Doamna Stanca National College, Satu Mare
  • Ioan Slavici National College, Satu Mare
  • Kölcsey Ferenc National College, Satu Mare
  • Mihai Eminescu National College, Satu Mare
  • UNIO High School, Satu Mare
  • Gheorghe Dragos College of Economics, Satu mare

Timiş County

  • Jean Louis Calderon High School, Timisoara
  • Grigore Moisil High School, Timisoara
  • C.D.Loga High School, Timisoara
  • Nikolaus Lenau High School, Timisoara
  • Bartok Bela High School, Timisoara
  • Dositej Obradovic High School, Timisoara
  • Ana Aslan High School, Timisoara
  • Ion Vidu High School, Timisoara
  • Banatean Colegium High School, Timisoara
  • William Shakespeare High School, Timisoara@
  • Carmen Sylva High School, Timisoara
  • Vlad Tepes High School, Timisoara

Vaslui County

  • Gheorghe Roşca Codreanu High School

@ = English-speaking


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