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Matěj Rejsek


Matěj Rejsek

Matěj Rejsek
Memorial plaque of Matěj Rejsek at New town hall in Prostějov.
Born c. 1445
Prostějov, either in Bohemia or Moravia, in present-day Czech Republic
Died 1 July 1506(1506-07-01) (aged 60–61)
Kutná Hora, Kingdom of Bohemia, in present-day Czech Republic
Nationality Czech (Bohemian)
Known for Architecture, sculpture
Notable work Powder Tower in Prague,
St. Barbara's Church in Kutná Hora
Movement Gothic style (Jagiellonian Late Gothic)

Matěj Rejsek or Matthias Rejsek (around 1445, Prostějov - 1 July 1506, Kutná Hora)[1] was an important Czech stonemason, sculptor, builder and architect of the Late Gothic style.[2]


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Powder Tower in Prague.
The presbytery of St. Barbara's Church in Kutná Hora from 1499.
Pulpit in the church in Kaňk (Kutná Hora) from 1504.

Matěj Rejsek was born probably in 1445 in Prostějov (either in Bohemian Prostějov or in Moravian Prostějov). As a young man he came to Prague to study at the Faculty of Arts at the Charles University in Prague. He finished his studies in 1469 as a bachelor and became the rector and teacher at the parish school of the Church of Our Lady before Týn in the Old Town of Prague.

He built some houses in Prague.[1] One of his most famous works is the Powder Tower which was built as a representative gate of the Old Town of Prague after 1475. Matěj Rejsek became the main builder of the tower in 1478.[3] His work was inspired by Petr Parler's work.[4]

In 1489 he moved to Kutná Hora where he worked at the completion of the St. Barbara's Church. Rejsek began to built the outer supporting system, triforium and vaulting. The net vault of the presbytery was completed in 1499.[5]

He died on 1 July 1506 in Kutná Hora and was buried in the St. Barbara's Church.[1]


Probably created by Matěj Rejsek:

  • Statue of a mythic knight Bruncvík with a lion (Roland statue) at the Charles Bridge in the Lesser Town of Prague, damaged in 1648, since 1875 placed in the Lapidarium of the National Museum in Prague[1]
  • Stone fountain in Kutná Hora (1495)[7]


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