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Polish car number plates

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Title: Polish car number plates  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Chojnów, Gdynia, Kołobrzeg, Legnica, Poznań, Silesian Voivodeship, Toruń, Greater Poland Voivodeship, Voivodeship (Poland), Masovian Voivodeship
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Polish car number plates

Polish vehicle registration plates indicate the region of registration of the vehicle encoded in the number plate.


According to Polish law, the registration plate is tied to the vehicle, not the owner. There is no possibility for the owner to keep the licence number for use on a different car, even if it's a custom number. The licence plates are issued by the powiat (county) of the vehicle owner's registered address of residence, in the case of a natural person. If it is owned by a legal person, the place of registration is determined by the address of its seat. Vehicles leased under operating leases and many de facto finance leases will be registered at the seat of the lessor. When a vehicle changes hands, the new owner must apply for new vehicle registration document bearing his or her name and registered address. The new owner may obtain a new licence plate although it is not necessary when new owner's residence address lies in the same area as the previous owner's. In such a situation the licence plates are usually carried over to the new owner, because the change carries an additional cost. Upon purchasing a vehicle from another person, if the vehicle has an EU plate, the new owner must replace it with a license for their address and area, and give the EU plate to their powiat plate mint to free up numbers in the future. If the car has a pre- May 1, 2006 plate, the owner is free to do whatever they wish with it, as long as it's legal with the Polish law. The plaque cannot be replaced if destroyed. The change of the whole set is required.

The change in system shown below in 2001 is related to the reduction in the previous year of the number of voivodeships in Poland from 49 to 16, based on the country's historic regions. The pre-2001 licence plates (white letters on black background) can be used indefinitely, but since they are obsolete they have to be replaced in case of change of vehicle's ownership.

In the pre-2001 model, there were not sufficient letters in the Polish alphabet for each of the old voivodeships to have a single letter. Only the standard latin alphabet were used (outside Q), the specific Polish characters with diacritics were excluded in order to make the plates fully internationally readable. Therefore two letters had to be used to indicate the vehicle's origin (the middle administrative level of powiat was not introduced until 1999). Since the change, the first letter denotes the new voivodeship. One additional letter is used in cities with rights of powiat (this applies to 47 of 49 capitals of the old voivodeships, the exceptions being Ciechanów and Sieradz, and numerous major cities). Two additional letters are used in any other powiat.

It is not necessary for EU citizens to re-register the vehicles they have brought with them, which are duly registered and taxed elsewhere in the EU, when living in Poland. This emerges from European law, although local regulations have to date not been changed to reflect the law, leading to officials locally sometimes giving incorrect advice on this point. If in doubt, refer to your Embassy.

Polish car number plates since May 1, 2000


Since the year 2000 Polish car plates have black letters on a white background. The switch was made in accordance with other EU countries and to increase visibility. The licence plates issued until May 1, 2006 bear a Polish national flag. Plates issued after that date have the 12 EU stars instead of the flag.

Stickers and security measures

The licence plates are invalid without the two adhesive stickers with a hologram placed on the license plates, and an adhesive plaque bearing the same number as the plates on the inside of windshield. If the vehicle uses only one licence plate the excessive sticker must be attached to the registration papers.

Licence plate types and combinations

Each powiat uses a unique two or three letter code, with the first letter denoting the powiat's voivodeship. The number pools listed below are not used in any particular order, although one pool is usually depleted before the next one is used. A visible gap exists between the area code and series, but there is no possibility of confusion if the number is written down without it, unlike in the German system.

The following characters are used in licence plate examples:

  • X - voivodeship code
  • XY, XYZ - powiat code
  • J, K, L - any allowed letter
  • digits

The letters used in licence plates include all standard Latin alphabet letters outside of Q (not used at all in the Polish language). The letters B, D, I, O, and Z cannot be used in series area (on the right, after the gap), because they can be confused with digits. Only custom plates can include these letters, but Q still cannot be used. The leading 0 in numbers is never omitted.

Cars, trucks, and buses

  • XY 12345
  • XY 1234J
  • XY 123JK
  • XY 1J345
  • XY 1JK45
  • XYZ J234
  • XYZ 12JK
  • XYZ 1J34 (first digit cannot be 0)
  • XYZ 12J4 (last digit cannot be 0)
  • XYZ 1JK4 (neither digit can be 0)
  • XYZ JK34
  • XYZ 12345
  • XYZ 1234J
  • XYZ 123JK
The number of available unique numbers is 1,235,799 for each two letter powiat code, and 866,799 for each three letter powiat code. Note that the combinations: "XYZ 1234", "XYZ 123J" and "XY J1234" are not used, because they would lead to creation of numbers identical to these in the old system. To avoid confusion these sets were excluded and may be used again when the old system goes out of use. Also the combination "XY JK123" is not used to avoid possible confusion with the "XYZ K123" scheme, as the gap is not significant.

Motorcycles, mopeds, and agricultural vehicles

  • XY 1234
  • XY 123J
  • XYZ J234
  • XYZ 12JK
  • XYZ 1J34 (first digit cannot be 0)
  • XYZ 12J4 (last digit cannot be 0)
  • XYZ 1JK4 (neither digit can be 0)
  • XYZ JK34

Classic cars

  • XY 12J
  • XYZ 1J
These plates use black text on a yellow background with an additional picture of a vintage car on the right side. Only cars older than 25 years, out of production for 15 years and containing at least 75% of original parts are eligible to be registered as classic cars, with an exception of prototypes that were never produced, cars of considerable historical value or "being an example of original or important technological solutions". These plates are issued on a case by case rules.

Temporary and export plates

  • X1 2345
  • X1 234J
These plates use red text on a white background. The windshield plaque is not issued with it.

Testing vehicle

  • X1 234 B
These plates use red text on a white background. The windshield plaque is not issued with it. The last character is always the letter B (B stands for badawcza, which translates to "testing type"). Only car manufacturers and automobile R&D centres are issued these plates.

Custom plates
These plates use standard black letters on a white background. Each custom number starts with the letter denoting voivodeship and a single digit, followed by the gap. This digit and next characters can be picked by the owner. Outside the availability the following constrains are used:

  • after the gap between 3 and 5 characters can be used
  • the first character must be a letter
  • no more than 2 last characters can be digits
  • all letters come before digits (i.e. they cannot be intermixed)
  • any standard Latin letter outside Q can be used (unlike common licence plates)
  • resulting plate must not contain or resemble offensive contents

Diplomatic plates

  • X 123456
White symbols on blue background. First three digits indicate country or organization.

Service plates

  • H#J K234
  • H#J 12KL

Vehicles utilised used by the Polish Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration use licence plates beginning with "H", instead of the voivodeship code. The second letter denotes the service, for example "HP" is used by the Polish Police. Any standard Latin letter outside Q can be used (unlike common licence plates). These services are also allowed to use common licence plates.

HA# - Central Bureau of Anticorruption

HB# - Government Protection Bureau

HC# - Customs Service

HK# - Internal Security Agency, Foreign Intelligence Agency

HM# - Military Counterintelligence Agency, Military Intelligence Agency

HP# - Police

HS# - Fiscal Control

HW# - Border Guard

Military plates

  • U# 12345
  • UC 1234T
  • UK 1234

The Polish military uses licence plates beginning with "U" instead of the voivodeship code. The following letter denotes the usage of the vehicle. For example military trucks have licence plates beginning with "UC". The trailing T in the number denotes a tracked vehicle. Military is not obliged to use the standard licence plates on tracked vehicles, armoured cars and armoured personnel carriers - they can be painted on the vehicle itself or applied as a sticker.

UA# - Cars, offroad vehicles and specialistic vehicles based on cars or off-roaders

UB# - Armoured personnel carriers

UC# - Military trucks

UD# - Buses

UE# - Trucks

UG# - Special trucks

UI# - Transport trailers

UJ# - Special trailers

UK# - Motorcycles

Cost of purchasing registration plates

  • Regular - 256 PLN
  • Motorcycles - 103 PLN
  • Mopeds - 40 PLN
  • Custom - 500 PLN each (two are needed for cars, buses, and trucks, while only one is needed for motorcycles)
  • Classic Cars - 100 PLN
  • Temporary - 30 PLN

District indicators

Lower Silesia Kuyavia-Pomerania Łódź Lublin

DB - Wałbrzych (town)
DBA - Wałbrzych (district)
DBL - Bolesławiec
DDZ - Dzierżoniów
DGL - Głogów
DGR - Góra
DJ - Jelenia Góra (town)
DJA - Jawor
DJE - Jelenia Góra (district)
DKA - Kamienna Góra
DKL - Kłodzko
DL - Legnica (town)
DLB - Lubań
DLE - Legnica (district)
DLU - Lubin
DLW - Lwówek Śląski
DMI - Milicz
DOA - Oława
DOL - Oleśnica
DPL - Polkowice
DSR - Środa Śląska
DST - Strzelin
DSW - Świdnica
DTR - Trzebnica
DW - Wrocław (town)
DWL - Wołów
DWR - Wrocław (district)
DZA - Ząbkowice Śląskie
DZG - Zgorzelec
DZL - Złotoryja

CAL - Aleksandrów Kujawski
CB - Bydgoszcz (town)
CBR - Brodnica
CBY - Bydgoszcz (district)
CCH - Chełmno
CG - Grudziądz (town)
CGD - Golub-Dobrzyń
CGR - Grudziądz (district)
CIN - Inowrocław
CLI - Lipno
CMG - Mogilno
CNA - Nakło n. Notecią
CRA - Radziejów
CRY - Rypin
CSE - Sepólno Krajenskie
CSW - Świecie
CT - Toruń (town)
CTR - Toruń (district)
CTU - Tuchola
CW - Włocławek (town)
CWA - Wąbrzeźno
CWL - Włocławek (district)
CZN - Żnin

EBE - Bełchatów
EBR - Brzeziny
EKU - Kutno
EL - Łódź (town)
ELA - Łask
ELC - Łowicz
ELE - Łęczyca
ELW - Łódź Wschód
EOP - Opoczno
EP - Piotrków Trybunalski (town)
EPA - Pabianice
EPD - Poddębice
EPI - Piotrków Trybunalski (district)
EPJ - Pajęczno
ERA - Radomsko
ERW - Rawa Mazowiecka
ES - Skierniewice (town)
ESI - Sieradz
ESK - Skierniewice (district)
ETM - Tomaszów Mazowiecki
EWE - Wieruszów
EWI - Wieluń
EZD - Zduńska Wola
EZG - Zgierz

LB - Biała Podlaska (town)
LBI - Biała Podlaska (district)
LBL - Biłgoraj
LC - Chełm (town)
LCH - Chełm (district)
LHR - Hrubieszów
LJA - Janów Lubelski
LKR - Kraśnik
LKS - Krasnystaw
LLB - Lubartów
LLE - Łęczna
LLU - Łuków
LOP - Opole Lubelskie
LPA - Parczew
LPU - Puławy
LRA - Radzyń Podlaski
LRY - Ryki
LSW - Świdnik
LTM - Tomaszów Lubelski
LU - Lublin (town)
LUB - Lublin (district)
LWL - Włodawa
LZ - Zamość (town)
LZA - Zamość (district)

Lubusz Lesser Poland Masovia (incl. Warsaw) Opole

FG - Gorzów Wielkopolski (town)
FGW - Gorzów Wielkopolski (district)
FKR - Krosno Odrzańskie
FMI - Międzyrzecz
FNW - Nowa Sól
FSD - Strzelce Kraj. - Drezdenko
FSL - Słubice
FSU - Sulęcin
FSW - Świebodzin
FWS - Wschowa
FZ - Zielona Góra (town)
FZA - Żary
FZG - Żagań
FZI - Zielona Góra (district)

KBC - Bochnia
KBR - Brzesko
KCH - Chrzanów
KDA - Dąbrowa Tarnowska
KGR - Gorlice
KLI - Limanowa
KMI - Miechów
KMY - Myślenice
KN - Nowy Sącz (town)
KNS - Nowy Sącz (district)
KNT - Nowy Targ
KOL - Olkusz
KOS - Oświęcim
KPR - Proszowice
KR - Kraków (town)
KRA - Kraków (district)
KSU - Sucha Beskidzka
KT - Tarnów (town)
KTA - Tarnów (district)
KTT - Tatrzański (Zakopane)
KWA - Wadowice
KWI - Wieliczka

WA - Warszawa (Białołęka)
WB - Warszawa (Bemowo)
WBR - Białobrzegi
WCI - Ciechanów
WD - Warszawa (Bielany)
WE - Warszawa (Mokotów)
WF - Warszawa (Praga Południe)
WG - Garwolin
WGM - Grodzisk Mazowiecki
WGR - Grójec
WGS - Gostynin
WH - Warszawa (Praga Północ)
WI - Warszawa (Śródmieście)
WJ - Warszawa (Targówek)
WK - Warszawa (Ursus)
WKZ - Kozienice
WL - Legionowo
WLI - Lipsko
WLS - Łosice
WM - Mińsk Mazowiecki
WMA - Maków Mazowiecki
WML - Mława
WN - Warszawa (Ursynów)
WND - Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki
WO - Ostrołęka (town)
WOR - Ostrów Mazowiecka
WOS - Ostrołęka (district)
WOT - Otwock
WP - Płock (town)
WPI - Piaseczno
WPL - Płock (district)
WPN - Płońsk
WPR - Pruszków
WPU - Pułtusk
WPY - Przysucha
WPZ - Przasnysz
WR - Radom (town)
WRA - Radom (district)
WS - Siedlce (town)
WSC - Sochaczew
WSE - Sierpc
WSI - Siedlce (district)
WSK - Sokołów Podlaski
WSZ - Szydłowiec
WT - Warszawa (Wawer)
WU - Warszawa (Ochota)
WV - Wołomin (not issued yet)
WW ****(last K, L, M, N, V, R, S) - Warszawa (Włochy)
WW ****(last F, G, H, J, W) - Warszawa (Wilanów)
WW ****(last A, C, E, X, Y) - Warszawa (Rembertów)
WWE - Węgrów
WWL - Wołomin
WWY - Wyszków
WX - Warszawa (Żoliborz)
WX ***Y# - Warszawa (Wesoła)
WY - Warszawa (Wola)
WZ - Warszawski Zachodni (Ożarów Mazowiecki)
WZU - Żuromin
WZW - Zwoleń
WZY - Żyrardów

OB - Brzeg
OGL - Głubczyce
OK - Kędzierzyn-Koźle
OKL - Kluczbork
OKR - Krapkowice
ONA - Namysłów
ONY - Nysa
OOL - Olesno
OP - Opole (town)
OPO - Opole (district)
OPR - Prudnik
OST - Strzelce Opolskie

Subcarpathia Podlaskie Pomerania Silesia

RBI - Bieszczadzki (Ustrzyki Dolne)
RBR - Brzozów
RDE - Dębica
RJA - Jarosław
RJS - Jasło
RK - Krosno (town)
RKL - Kolbuszowa
RKR - Krosno (district)
RLA - Łańcut
RLE - Leżajsk
RLS - Lesko
RLU - Lubaczów
RMI - Mielec
RNI - Nisko
RP - Przemyśl (town)
RPR - Przemyśl (district)
RPZ - Przeworsk
RRS - Ropczyce - Sędziszów
RSA - Sanok
RSR - Strzyżów
RST - Stalowa Wola
RT - Tarnobrzeg (town)
RTA - Tarnobrzeg (district)
RZ - Rzeszów (city)
RZE - Rzeszów (district)

BAU - Augustów
BBI - Bielsk Podlaski
BGR - Grajewo
BHA - Hajnówka
BI - Białystok (town)
BIA - Białystok (district)
BKL - Kolno
BL - Łomża (town)
BLM - Łomża (district)
BMN - Monki
BS - Suwałki (town)
BSE - Sejny
BSI - Siemiatycze
BSK - Sokółka
BSU - Suwałki (district)
BWM - Wysokie Mazowieckie
BZA - Zambrów

GA - Gdynia
GBY - Bytów
GCH - Chojnice
GCZ - Człuchów
GD - Gdańsk (town)
GDA - Gdańsk (Pruszcz Gdański)
GKA - Kartuzy
GKS - Kościerzyna
GKW - Kwidzyń
GLE - Lębork
GMB - Malbork
GND - Nowy Dwór Gdański
GPU - Puck
GS - Słupsk (town)
GSL - Słupsk (district)
GSP - Sopot
GST - Starogard Gdański
GSZ - Sztum
GTC - Tczew
GWE - Wejherowo

SB - Bielsko-Biała (town)
SBE - Będzin
SBI - Bielsko-Biała (district)
SBL - Bieruń - Lędziny
SC - Częstochowa (town)
SCI - Cieszyn
SCZ - Częstochowa (district)
SD - Dąbrowa Górnicza
SG - Gliwice (town)
SGL - Gliwice (district)
SH - Chorzów
SI - Siemianowice Śląskie
SJ - Jaworzno
SJZ - Jastrzębie-Zdrój
SK - Katowice
SKL - Kłobuck
SL - Ruda Śląska
SLU - Lubliniec
SM - Mysłowice
SMI - Mikołów
SMY - Myszków
SO - Sosnowiec
SPI - Piekary Śląskie
SPS - Pszczyna
SR - Rybnik (town)
SRB - Rybnik (district)
SRC - Racibórz
SL - Ruda Śląska
ST - Tychy (town)
STA - Tarnowskie Góry
STY - Tychy (district)
SW - Świętochłowice
SWD - Wodzisław Śląski
SY - Bytom
SZ - Zabrze
SZA - Zawiercie
SZO - Żory
SZY - Żywiec

Świętokrzyskie Warmia-Masuria Greater Poland West Pomerania

TBU - Busko-Zdrój
TJE - Jędrzejów
TK - Kielce (town)
TKA - Kazimierza Wielka
TKI - Kielce (district)
TKN - Końskie
TLW - Włoszczowa
TOP - Opatów
TOS - Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski
TPI - Pińczów
TSA - Sandomierz
TSK - Skarżysko-Kamienna
TST - Starachowice
TSZ - Staszów

NBA - Bartoszyce
NBR - Braniewo
NDZ - Działdowo
NE - Elbląg (town)
NEB - Elbląg (district)
NEL - Ełk
NGI - Giżycko
NGO - Gołdap
NIL - Iława
NKE - Kętrzyn
NLI - Lidzbark Warmiński
NMR - Mrągowo
NNI - Nidzica
NNM - Nowe Miasto Lubawskie
NO - Olsztyn (town)
NOE - Olecko
NOG - Olecko - Gołdap - now NOE+NGO
NOL - Olsztyn (district)
NOS - Ostróda
NPI - Pisz
NSZ - Szczytno
NWE - Węgorzewo

PCH - Chodzież
PCT - Czarnków - Trzcianka
PGN - Gniezno
PGO - Grodzisk Wielkopolski
PGS - Gostyń
PJA - Jarocin
PK - Kalisz (town)
PKA - Kalisz (district)
PKE - Kępno
PKL - Koło
PKN - Konin (district)
PKO - Konin (town) now PN
PKR - Krotoszyn
PKS - Kościan
PL - Leszno (town)
PLE - Leszno (district)
PMI - Międzychód
PN - Konin (town)
PNT - Nowy Tomyśl
PO, PY - Poznań (town)
POB - Oborniki
POS - Ostrów Wielkopolski
POT - Ostrzeszów
POZ - Poznań (district) now PZ
PP - Piła
PPL - Pleszew
PRA - Rawicz
PSE - Śrem
PSL - Słupca
PSR - Środa Wlkp.
PSZ - Szamotuły
PTU - Turek
PWA - Wągrowiec
PWL - Wolsztyn
PWR - Września
PZ - Poznań (district)
PZL - Złotów

ZBI - Białogard
ZCH - Choszczno
ZDR - Drawsko Pomorskie
ZGL - Goleniów
ZGR - Gryfino
ZGY - Gryfice
ZK - Koszalin (town)
ZKA - Kamień Pomorski
ZKL - Kołobrzeg
ZKO - Koszalin (district)
ZLO - Łobez
ZMY - Myślibórz
ZPL - Police (district)
ZPY - Pyrzyce
ZS - Szczecin
ZSD - Świdwin
ZSL - Sławno
ZST - Stargard Szczeciński
ZSW - Świnoujście
ZSZ - Szczecinek
ZWA - Wałcz

1976–2000 series

Plates from the 1976–2000 series are still valid. They have white letters on black background. The coding used was three letters and four digits (XYZ 1234) or three letters, three digits and one letter (XYZ 123A), although at the beginning the configuration with a letter in the end was used for public cars only.

The following coding was used for the 49 regions of the country:

Biała Podlaska: BP, BA, BS

Białystok: BK, BT, BI

Bielsko-Biała: BB, BL, BO

Bydgoszcz: BY, BG, BD, BC

Chełm: CH, CM, CU

Ciechanów: CI, CN, CA

Częstochowa: CZ, CE, CO

Elbląg: EL, EG, EB

Gdańsk: GD, GK, GA, GN

Gorzów Wlkp.: GO, GW, GR

Jelenia Góra: JG, JE, JA

Kalisz: KL, KZ, KP

Katowice: KA, KT, KB, KC, KD, KX

Kielce: KI, KE, KJ

Konin: KN, KM, KF

Koszalin: KO, KG, KY

Kraków (Cracow): KR, KK, KW, KV

Krosno: KS, KU, KH

Legnica: LG, LC, LI

Leszno: LE, LS, LN

Lublin: LU, LL, LB

Łomża: LO, LM, LA

Łódź: LD, LZ, LF, LW

Nowy Sącz: NS, NO, NA

Olsztyn: OL, ON, OT

Opole: OP, OE, OD

Ostrołęka: OS, OK, OR

Piła: PI, PA, PY

Piotrków Tryb.: PT, PK, PU

Płock: PL, PC, PB

Poznań: PO, PN, PZ, PW

Przemyśl: PR, PM, PE

Radom: RA, RO, RD

Rzeszów: RZ, RE, RW

Siedlce: SE, SD, ST

Sieradz: SI, SA, SB

Skierniewice: SK, SN, SF

Słupsk: SL, SP, SG

Suwałki: SU, SW, SO

Szczecin: SZ, SC, SM

Tarnobrzeg: TG, TB, TE

Tarnów: TA, TN, TW

Toruń: TO, TU, TY

Wałbrzych: WB, WY, WH

Warszawa: WA, WS, WI, WU, WG, WF, WX, WZ, WM, WT, WP, WV

Włocławek: WL, WK, WE

Wrocław: WR, WO, WC, WW

Zamość: ZA, ZM, ZC

Zielona Góra: ZG, ZE, ZN

The following codes were used for special forces:

Militia/Police: MO

Military: U

Border Guard: HW

"Nadwislanskie" Troops of the Interior Ministry: HN

1956–1976 series

From June 19, 1956 Polish car number plates had 2 letters and 4 digits, and after May 13, 1964 letters could stand after digits.

Individual elements meant:

  • first letter - code of voivodeship,
  • second letter - code of powiat,
  • digits - code of vehicle.

Codes of voivodeships:

  • A - Białystok Voivodeship
  • B - Bydgoszcz Voivodeship
  • C - Kielce Voivodeship
  • E - Koszalin Voivodeship
  • F - Łodź Voivodeship
  • G - Gdańsk Voivodeship
  • H - Opole Voivodeship
  • I - city of Łódź
  • K - Cracow Voivodeship
  • L - Lublin Voivodeship
  • M - Szczecin Voivodeship
  • O - Olsztyn Voivodeship
  • P - Poznań Voivodeship
  • R - Rzeszów Voivodeship
  • S - Katowice Voivodeship
  • T - Warsaw Voivodeship
  • W - capital city of Warsaw
  • X - Wrocław Voivodeship
  • Z - Zielona Góra Voivodeship

Codes of special forces:

  • Y - Citizen's Militia
  • D - army (cars)
  • U - army (other vehicles)
  • N - Border Guard

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  • Index of Polish personalized plates
  • Details about plates in Warsaw
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